Ransom of red chief irony

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There are many accounts of verbal irony in “Ransom of Red Chief”. In my opinion the funniest event of verbal irony in the story, is the name of the town.

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hopebayboatdays.com: The Ransom of Red Chief: Christopher Lloyd, Michael Jeter, Alan Ruck, Kaitlin Hopkins, Brent Hinkley, Richard Riehle, Sue Bugden, Richard Moll, Brad. Irony appears in several parts of Ransom of Red Cheif. In the beginning, Johnny goes from being the one captured to holding his captors hostage.

The Ransom of Red Chief The story of "The Ransom of Red Chief" is a very ironic story because the author, O. Henry, turns the expectations of the audience around by making them feel sorry for the kidnappers, not the so-called victim. Irony is the literary tool that drives O.

Lesson 7: Irony in

Henry's humorous classic "The Ransom of Red Chief," which "The Saturday Evening Post" published in

Ransom of red chief irony
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