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Behind the series: Product of Mexico

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September 21, By Joe Mozingo. Photography, video by Katie Falkenberg that is not a small turquoise.” That was enough to charge Redd with theft from a tribe, a felony charge that carries five times as much prison time as theft from an archaeological site. During her 16 years at The Times, she has covered a variety of beats key to the region’s dynamism, including the California economy, small business, manufacturing, tourism and renewable energy.

A former business correspondent in Mexico City, Marla has a deep understanding of the trade and immigration ties that bind Los Angeles to Latin America.

Gov. Ivey proclaims Small Business Saturday

5 hours ago · Small Business Saturday has occurred annually since and become a popular day for those who wish to support their friends and neighbors. This year, in Morgan County, there were several Small Business Saturday events that took place in both Mooresville and Martinsville.

Find hundreds of Times journalists on Twitter here and follow us on a variety of social media accounts and platforms: Newsroom Contacts To contact a specific reporter, click on the byline of one of his or her articles to access the reader email form. Staff members. Name Position Phone; Reporter (Real Estate) Editor Jerry Sullivan highlights top stories from the upcoming edition of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Senior policy analyst Christine Barber helps answer a small business owner's question about purchasing insurance on the individual market. Small-Business Health Plan Premiums Up? Options Exist Apr 20, Los Angeles Times · Link to Article. Recent News Clips.

Los Angeles Times: Health Small-Business Health Plan Premiums Up.

La times small business reporter
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