Entrepreneurship and small business management

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, A.A.S.

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Certificate in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management

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Entrepreneurship/Small Business (BS)

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An entrepreneur is a person who owns a small business and staffs it as needed to meet customer needs.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Minor

Entrepreneurship means that a business owner will focus on creating a market for his/her products or services based on a business plan.

Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship Certificate (Undergraduate) Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate (Undergraduate) requires a minimum of 18 credits, which may come from a combination of required and elective courses.

a small business. Wilmington University's Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management certificate program provides you with basics in finance, small business law, management, and marketing, all with respect to successful small business management.

The Small Business Learning Center provided by the SBA is an online service that offers entrepreneurs access to training videos and information about entrepreneurship, finance, government. Certificate in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management The certificate program in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management is targeted to the existing business owner.

The certificate requires successful completion of five courses that the student chooses from a. 2 Assess the impact of small businesses on the economy.

3 Determine and assess the key aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset. 4 Examine the different environments that foster or hinder entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and small business management
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Entrepreneurship / Small Business Management Certificate - Wilmington University